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In this stimulating and fun program, parents and their crawlers spend quality time together exploring, moving, developing grip strength which will help them learn to stand and eventually walk. Music, circle activities, stamps and obstacle courses create memorable experiences for parents and children.

What are the benefits of this program?

Research shows that gross motor classes help build nerve pathways in the brain that help children learn to complete more complex tasks at an earlier age

Large Muscle Development - from the head down babies develop these large muscles in a methodical way that starts with neck control down the feet to eventual walking

Practice and repetitive exercise will increase the quality and pace at which your child will progress

What can I expect at each Class?

Each week will begin with a circle time including songs, parachute and gross motor activities.  Little ones will then be able to explore our specially designed circuit including crawling, climbing and cruising to help develop gross motor skills and burn some of that baby energy.

Each week we will end with a closing circle time.  You can expect a variety of activities each week!

What age is this class for?

This class is for babies who are either very close to crawling, crawling or just about to walk.  Because it supports gross motor development we often find that little ones will develop during the program and move to the next stage of movement.

Want in on the Fun?

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