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Mother and Baby on Floor

Welcome to

ABC Footprint Craft & Story Time

Join us for this adorable 6 week program that will capture your little ones feet perfectly and create an adorable keepsake. Each week we will work together to create 4 letters of the alphabet as well as share in a special story time. 

Why is this Class for Me?

Small class sizes to promote relationship building

Unique keepsake crafts each week to help you remember these special memories

A great opportunity to meet other mamas and get out of the house for some fun!

What can I expect at each Class?

Each week we will complete footprint crafts for various letters of the alphabet.  In addition we will read a story and sing songs.  At the end of the 6 weeks you will have an alphabet book with all your littles footprint crafts 

What age is this class for?

This is best for babies age 0-12 months

Want in on the Fun?

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