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Music brings us together. It is something we can all share and create as a group. In this perfect first class for our littlest friends (starting at just 3 weeks old) we will explore instruments, learn new songs, lap bounces and cuddles, parent question of the week to bond and share as well as an adorable keepsake craft to take home each week. 

Why is this class for me?

Small class sizes to promote relationship building

Unique keepsake crafts each week to help you remember these special memories

A great opportunity to meet other mamas and get out of the house for some fun!

Are there developmental benefits of music programs?

Grasping and using instruments helps build fine and gross motor skills

Exposure to new words through songs help support language development

Music supports children's ability to express their emotions and feelings

What can I expect each week?

Each class is designed by an Early Childhood Educator and includes songs, stories and crafts carefully chosen to encourage participation and fun! Each class begins with songs as well as a "question of the week" for parents to connect and share.

Classes run 45 minutes in length and always provide a chance for parents to chat at the end. 

What age is this for?

This is an all ages program starting as early as 3 weeks old.  Siblings are always welcome and are half price!

Want in on the Fun?

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