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Please do not re-publish or re-post images from The Best Dentists. Keep it interesting! The Best Dentists is the place to get cheery, optimistic opinions of new and established local businesses. Click on the links to check it out.. Some people smile with their whole face, some with their teeth only. Even if you’ve got a white smile, you can always enhance your teeth and smile with these treatments and materials. Dr. Jim Liotta can help you make your smile even more breathtaking by improving the strength of your teeth and their whiteness. Teeth Whitening As we age, our teeth can become stained from exposure to various foods, drinks, or even our breath. Bleaching your teeth can increase their brightness and make them appear more youthful. A few stains can be removed with home remedies, like brushing and rinsing. But for those that are more stubborn, Dr. Liotta recommends a professional teeth whitening procedure. During a whitening session, the dentist removes all the accumulated stains with a high-powered beam of light. Our professional staff will guide you through the steps of a successful teeth whitening, and our aftercare kit will help your new smile stay fresh and bright. Improve your Smile with Dr. Liotta If you want to enjoy a perfectly white smile, contact Dr. Jim Liotta and our staff to book your appointment for a teeth whitening! Improve your Smile with




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