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Sensory play classes will stimulate your child's sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. The idea behind sensory play is that it encourages little ones to play, create, investigate and explore. Each class is filled with unique items for little ones discover and support their development. 

What are the Benefits of Sensory Play?

Building and developing nerve pathways in the brain that allow children to complete more complex tasks at an earlier age

Enhancing problem solving skills - working with materials to achieve their desired outcome

Promoting development of fine and gross motor skills by squeezing, pulling, dumping and pouring

Increasing vocabulary - using large words to describe items in the class will develop a larger vocabulary earlier for each child

Social interaction - with small class sizes children can feel comfortable with their peers at each station

What can I expect at each Class?

Each week features 4 different stations from messy, to cozy and even glow in the dark.  Soft instrumental music playing in the background to promote the sense of hearing  as well as keeping a calm environment for children to get the most out of each class.


Each class begins with songs as well as a "question of the week" for parents to connect and share.

Classes run 45 minutes in length and always provide a chance for parents to chat at the end

What age is this class for?

This program is for ages 6-18 months.  Babies should be sitting up on their own and have tried solids.

Want in on the Fun?

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