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Jaime Hunter

I started The Common Moms with the hopes of helping other moms to get social, have fun and to find support with their peers. I am proud to say we have created a community for Moms to gather and feel safe. Getting to spend my days creating, laughing, playing and sometimes crying along this amazing group fills me with so much happiness. Thank you for being a Common Mom.

Rebecca Brennan

I joined Jaime on this exciting journey at the end of 2016. I live in Burlington with my husband and my beautiful daughter. Jaime and I met through a mutual friend and when I heard about the wonderful things The Common Moms were doing for the community I knew it was something I needed to get involved in. My prenatal and post partum struggles made finding my mom tribe so important and I am not sure what I would have done without the wonderful mom friends I made while on mat leave. I am grateful every day that I am able to support other moms on this mothering journey

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