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The Best Cheat Sheet For Giving Your Family The Gift of Time

Often when we talk to moms about their day to day struggles, it comes down to just not having enough hours in the day for everything that needs to get done.

Then comes the guilt. Oh the guilt.

You know the one, where you are stretched super thin, where you want to be everything for everyone but when you cant you beat yourself up? Skim through my cheat sheet on giving back some time to your family and lessening that dreaded guilt a couple minutes at a time!

1. Start Your Day off With Breakfast Together

Most mornings are rush rush rush. Try to plan for an extra 10-20 minutes in the morning to have breakfast together. Not only does this start everyones day off on a positive note but everyone can be on the same page about how the day will unfold. Of course this may not be possible to happen every day but give it a try when everyone is home.

2. Come Together over Dinner Too!

Eating dinner as a family not only can bring everyone back together at the end of the day but this can also create roles and responsibilities for everyone to get involved. Have children set the table, help with preparing dinner and encourage them to share about their day. Most importantly


3. Set aside "special nights".

In our house this is Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday. This can also be tobogganing and hot chocolate on the first significant snow fall or sunday night game night. Whatever you choose make it fun, involved everyone and enjoy the bonding time. Having these nights planned gives everyone something to look forward. They create traditions and memories to last a life time. Dont forget to make these a priority for the entire family.

4. Make Bedtime Routines a Time to Connect

From bath time to snuggles, a book and cuddles bedtime is the perfect time to make time for your family. Lets be honest, most nights I want to rush this process to have some "me" time but remind yourself that this time is special, and there are only so many nights you have until they are grown and gone and you have all the time in the world to yourself. Slow down and enjoy the cuddles (trying to take my own advice here)

5. Celebrate the Little Things Together

A great job on a quiz, using the potty, moving to a big kid bed or any of the other small wins our children have, make a big deal about them. Not only will your child feel incredibly special but it enforces the lesson of being positive and that life is full of small wins. When it comes to the bigger celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries etc. get the entire family involved in celebrating. Make the birthday boy or girl feel like the centre of attention. Have siblings pick our presents or make home made cards, decorate the birthday kids chair at breakfast and balloons balloons balloons! Celebrations bring people together and give everyone all of the feels.

Dont try to tackle all of these at once cause then that guilt will creep up again. Pick one try it for a few weeks and see if maybe a small part of your guilt can melt away. None of us are perfect, life is BUSY and there are definitely days when your "me time" cant come fast enough. but when you are looking for a few ways to reconnect with your family give some of these a shot.

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