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The Pressure of a "Perfect Summer"

It starts in June, even before the kids are out of school, "We only have 18 summers, make them count" posts. Let the me tell you how these posts frustrate me to no end. From the moment our kiddos are born we are told how fast it goes, that they grow right before our eyes and "dont blink or you will miss it". We get it!

Now we are adding Seasons to the things that make us feel guilty?

we have enough of that floating around.

Summers are filled with long days, lack of routine for many and busier than normal weekends. Parents who are working full time now have that little voice in the back of their heads saying "make it count". Stuffing trips to the cottage, outings and more in two days each weekend. Everyone wants to create memories and have fun but at what expense? Outings cost a fortune, the stress of getting it "just right" and if we dont get that perfect picture for instagram did it even happen? The pressure of "the perfect summer" needs to stop and parents give yourself permission to enjoy it whichever way you choose.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have my kiddo home with me for the summer, and while there were days that I wanted to pull my hair out and questioned my decision to keep him out of camp it was really great bonding time and I am glad I did. Everyday wasnt social media perfect, we didnt make every day count but As I sit here the day before school starts I am reflecting on our version of "the perfect summer" and I think some of my favourite memories of the summer were the ones where we just hung out outside at home. Then I start questioning, did we do enough? Did I make this summer "count" for him? School starts tomorrow and I have guilt in the pit of my stomach, comparing my summer to others and making sure I did enough.

This feeling right here is exactly what I am talking about. We need to get rid of this guilt and remind ourselves we are doing the best we can. Our summers are not measured by our outings, by how many cottages we visited or the money we spent. Its just another season and one that has now become plagued by guilt.

I am all for having experiences with my kids, for creating memories and "making it count" but that can be done at any time of year and fall is right around the corner.

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