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Top 10 Indoor Activities For Staying Sane in The Winter With Kids

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

It feels like -35 outside, the kids have said their bored one too many times, and you are out of ideas.......we are here to help! Check out our list below for the top 10 activity ideas for your little ones!

"The Days are long but the years are short".

Top 10 Indoor Activities for The Winter Months

1. Build a good old fashioned fort! Grab sheets and blankets, chairs and clothes pins and you have got yourself a little winter hideaway. Make it just like camping and bring some marsh mellows some flash lights and have a great time. If you a seasoned pro at making forts check out this fort building kit that will give you endless possibilities!

2. Those half used rolls of painters tape can come in handy for little hands. Take the tape and create a path on the floor or table and let them try to peel it away. It can also be used to create car paths, practicing walking with one foot in front of the other and balancing.

3. Take that tape and a marker and attach it to the back of a toy car, train, boat anything you please and watch them drive their cars around paper and make designs. If you have any dry erase markers laying around from your days working in an office, sit them infront of the window and let them go to town!

4. Have extra glow sticks from a party lying around? Turn the lights off and toss them in the bathtub with lots of bubbles and toys. Bring some music and you can make it a mini sized foam party! Just make sure the kiddos stay sitting down.

5. Clear the living room, throw some pillows on the floor and have a freeze dance party. The DJ controls the music when it stops and starts, and you guessed it when it stops you find and pillow and freeze!

6. Too cold to be outside but want the kids to explore the snow? Grab a bucket of the white stuff, bring it inside put some towels down and give them their winter gloves. They can stay warm and build a mini snowman at the same time!

7. Bring the "freeze" inside with some Freeze Dance. Put the music on get shakin' and have someone control the play/pause button, when the music stops everyone must freeze!

8. Open up that old cardboard box that has been in the basement for months, and lay it flat on the stairs. You now have an indoor slide, put some pillows at the bottom and the kids will love crashing in to them.

9. Uncooked spaghetti, cheerios and playdough. Stand the pasta upright in the playdough and have kids thread the cheerios down the noodle.

10. Put some water and dish soap in a bin and hand you little one a straw. (Make sure you instruct them not to suck up through the straw but rather blow to make large bubbles) This activity is best for ones that are a little bit older so they do not confuse which motion to use.

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