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Top 20 Baby Food Puree Combos!

Tired of creating the same old same old for your little one? Give these tried and true recipes a try. Easy peasy recipes for your babies to enjoy.

  1. - Carrots/beets/nutmeg - steam the peeled carrots and beets together add a pinch of nutmeg and puree together

  2. - Carrots/peaches - 3 carrots to 1 peach, not too sweet and beautiful bright orange

  3. - Squash/apple - this fall combo is a hit in our house!

  4. - Avocado/blackbean/corn - we came up with this one after mommy and daddy were making quesadillas, the kids love this and full of great fat and protein.

  5. - Cinnamon/beet/apple - a delicious blend that works so well together, equal parts beet and apple with a pinch of cinnamon

  6. - Cauliflower/beets - this fun pink combo make look a little funny but a great way to combine veggies.

  7. - Peas/banana - the banana offers a bit of sweetness for the peas that can often be bland and not a favourite among kiddos.

  8. - Pear/parsnip - another fall favourite pear and parsnip is a great combo for kids to try something new!

  9. - Chicken/carrots/thyme - again taking mommy and daddys dinner and blended it together, the entire family can enjoy a roast chicken.

  10. - Quinoia/beet/apple - once kids are a bit older adding quinoa to purees gives it a bit more texture!

  11. - Greek Yogurt/strawberry/banana - a creamy desert with added protein

  12. - Avocado/Banana/spinach - eat your greens!

  13. - Broccoli/avocado/blueberry - sweet and creamy full of great fats!

  14. - Broccoli/Beet/apple - using a tart apple will over power the beets and broccoli allowing kids to gobble this one up!

  15. - Sweet potato/beets - a great root veggie combo

  16. - Sweet potato/apple/cinnamon - a sweet combo with a bit more flavour

  17. - Pear/quinoa/broccoli - a great combo for the toddlers

  18. - Squash/apple/peas - using fruit in each combo gives the puree a bit of sweetness enticing babies to give them a try!

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